February 6, 2019

The Spirit-Soul-Body Healing Series

“The Spirit-Soul-Body Healing Series: Volume I: The Body Was Made for Expression” by Chaplain Michele The Personal Happiness Game — A Thoughtful Pathway to Happiness? “The Personal […]
March 1, 2019


“BECOME WARRIOR FIT” by PATRICK JANKOWSKI | Website | “Become Warrior Fit. A quick guide to stop being a little bitch and ignite the alpha in you” […]
March 2, 2019


“Grieving: Grieving the loss of a loved one” by Stephen McAllister A loss of any kind can cause grief. It may be the loss of a beloved […]
March 21, 2019

Chirp: Communicating Happy, Insightful but Real Perspectives

“Chirp: Communicating Happy, Insightful but Real Perspectives” by Kara Deringer The fastest and mightiest way to create results and rise – in tangible payoff and immeasurable spirit […]