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This book is designed for all levels of Mandarin learners whose mother tongue is English to get to know, improve, and eventually master Mandarin pronunciation. Six strategies are introduced in this book to ensure that you reach your goal of learning Mandarin pronunciation:1.Building a bridge between English and Mandarin pronunciations. 2.Offering text and graphic instructions and video demonstrations for every Pinyin sound. 3.Applying enunciation—pronouncing Mandarin sounds in a clear and slow manner for learners to follow easily. 4.Providing adequate exercises. 5.Practicing tongue twisters to develop muscle memory to pronounce Mandarin sounds automatically. 6.Linking pronunciation with real-life oral communication.

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“Race and Slavery in the Contemporary World: America 2020: Reflections” by Patricia Yunghanns

Race and Slavery in the Contemporary World begins with a message the author wrote to five prominent Black public figures. In the message, the author brought out several facts she had observed, including the way the government was not obeying its laws. Another major observation was how Amendment IX of the Bill of Rights was being broken.
The Constitutional Laws of the US are intended to limit government power and put constraints on it, just as legislative laws are meant to constrain the citizens. This structure creates the rule of law that is essential to enjoying freedoms.
The first part of the work is devoted to reflections on the value of a Black woman and is followed by reflections on why the Blacks were freed from slavery. Among the topics and issues examined are the definition of equality in America, changes in ownership of slaves, the impact of voting, and punishment for disobedience.
“These reflections are a part of voicing my grievances or complaints… My reflections might seem quite legal and historical. That is because I have found that at the root of the problems that I mention, including my own, is a law at the mercy of uncontrolled political thinking”.
“Race And Slavery In The Contemporary World” is an intensely thought-provoking work. The reader will find themselves asking the questions it raises, such as “Why have we[Blacks] failed to negotiate our freedoms?” The book explores insightful topics such as the philosopher Rousseau’s description of the slavery paradox and enforcement of punishment.
The more near to home topics such as harassment and impact on Black women are also well covered.

Race and Slavery in the Contemporary World contains such topics concerning the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau;
Rousseau’s Description of the Slavery Paradox ; Definition of Slavery on Rousseau’s Views; Analogy of Rousseau’s Idea : An Agreement ; The Social Contract : Rousseau’s Solution and Active Agreement, Rousseau’s Ideas as Practiced in the Contemporary World: People Participation, and
Rousseau Requirement of Legitimacy for Slavery. It also looks at the philosopher of political science, Alexis de Tocqueville. In addition, it looks at the American Promise as regards to a topic, such as The American Way: The most surprising Historical Change. It considers historically reported events up to our present moment.

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“Bone Flake: A Poetic Maniac” by Keith J. Beasley

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Keith J. Beasley’s upcoming masterpiece “Bone Flake – A Poetic Manic” is releasing out, taking the readers on a journey of crime, thriller, and love. A fiction novel by Keith J. Beasley unfolds the story of an African American named ”Bone Flake,” his struggles and incidents throughout his journey of trust, betrayal, and revenge. “Bone Flake – A Poetic Manic” is a story of the protagonist on how he gets betrayed by a woman and got busted for no reason. Being in the jail, he met new companions, and accepted their offer to make him a superhuman. After being an extra-ordinary human, he rectifies the lies that were told to him. After knowing the truth, his fight with evil begins. Persuasively written with effective word selection, his journey of life seems more than an action, suspense, and emotional movie story. The book carries all the major good and bad parts of the life of Flake and what at the end? Let’s keep it suspense. He put his creative imagination in distinction with his character sketching, poetry, and dialogues, it will make you feel not less than a movie. While reading through the effective write up by Keith also includes poetry that the character writes in his good and bad times. Somehow you can get to know about life from a new and different perspective, and what possibilities in life can actually happen. A true blend of unexpected events and excellent expressive words is out to take the readers on a voyage of a new world from one of the most aspiring writers of the upcoming batch.

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 “Mind’s Journey: The King’s Quest (A GameLit Adventure)” by William H. Dewayne

What is an amnesiac to do? In a world of monsters, a stranger with a lost, forgotten past seeks the great wish-granting king for answers. But is it worth the cost?

Finding himself in a world he doesn’t understand, with a voice in his head and a strange being guiding him, he travels to the city of Astra where the great king dwells. And the answers might be found. With the friends he makes along the way, this stranger faces each new challenge the world throws at him in this journey of action and adventure. With no memories to guide him, all he can do is chase this single desire.

“Who am I?” That is the question that burns inside him.

In Astra, the greatest challenge awaits him. To gain what he seeks, he must pay through violence. Only the death of a monster can give him what he desires, the answer he seeks. But can he stand up to the dangers of this unknown world or will be crumble beneath the toils of monster slaying and his own growing fear?

Every wish comes with a price.

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“Fitness for an improved life: Increase Energy, Improve Mindset And Mood And Clear Your Mind” by Christian Painter

Are you tired of setting fitness goals that you don’t stick to until the very end?

Do you want to turn things around, to change the trajectory of your life?

If you answered these questions with a resounding YES, this book is for you so keep reading.
The book covers the ins and outs of how to achieve new levels of fitness through a mindset change that anchors powerful motivation and smart fitness goal setting, which undoubtedly will get you to transform your fitness levels drastically.

More precisely, in this book, you will learn:

  • How to build the right mindset that will propel you to take action, sustain yourself throughout the process and achieve your health and fitness goals
  • How to set goals that inspire you to take action
  • The specific steps that you can take to easily improve your fitness levels drastically
  • Powerful exercises that target specific parts of your body for maximum fitness results

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