The Little Black Book of Common Cents” by Te-erra S Davis

Money management is an important part of life. Saying that money makes the world go around is an amusing overstatement, but there is some truth to it! To get the things you want in life, you need money. Knowing how to handle your finances will make it easier, while also leading to a more comfortable lifestyle. Effectively managing your money is all about gaining the necessary skills, implementing the strategies, and exercising self-control. It may seem intimidating at first, but once you get into the habit of saving, making, and managing your money, you will enjoy the freedom from fear, stress, and worry! In the Little Black Book of Common Cents, we will go over several key areas including but not limited to:

  • Creating and sticking with a budget
  • Cutting expenses without sacrificing your lifestyle
  • Saving money every day
  • Getting out of debt
  • Boosting your income
  • Refinancing your mortgage
  • Boosting your credit score
  • Protecting your identity

Take time at the end of each chapter to reflect and implement the steps. After all, your financial success is up to you!

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“Gladiator: Book 1 of the Orion Light Saga” by Aria Jade

For over twenty years the colony world of Polaris has been torn asunder by the war between the governing Polaris Alliance and the Order of the Orion Light. The sheer magnitude of the destruction has forced tens of thousands to flee the rubble of their cities and seek sanctuary in pitiful settlements wherever the soldiers aren’t present.

Among these refugees is Anya Lee, a strange woman with unusual abilities, a tragic past, and a dangerous secret. Everyone who comes in contact with her is either frightened or intrigued, especially when she displays signs of violent madness that seems to have no explanation.

Rumors begin to fly about the enigmatic Professor Aaron Ridley, who supposedly created a process to create superhuman soldiers called Gladiators, tasked with ending the war and saving Polaris from the warring factions that are trying to destroy it. He was murdered before he could complete his task and his technology was stolen by the Order to turn to their own uses. But the question remains: where are his original test subjects, and why have they not completed their mission?

As desperation grows for an end to the pointless battles, the citizens of Polaris wonder whether anyone can stop this war. Even a superhuman Gladiator.

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 “Mind’s Journey: The King’s Quest (A GameLit Adventure)” by William H. Dewayne

What is an amnesiac to do? In a world of monsters, a stranger with a lost, forgotten past seeks the great wish-granting king for answers. But is it worth the cost?

Finding himself in a world he doesn’t understand, with a voice in his head and a strange being guiding him, he travels to the city of Astra where the great king dwells. And the answers might be found. With the friends he makes along the way, this stranger faces each new challenge the world throws at him in this journey of action and adventure. With no memories to guide him, all he can do is chase this single desire.

“Who am I?” That is the question that burns inside him.

In Astra, the greatest challenge awaits him. To gain what he seeks, he must pay through violence. Only the death of a monster can give him what he desires, the answer he seeks. But can he stand up to the dangers of this unknown world or will be crumble beneath the toils of monster slaying and his own growing fear?

Every wish comes with a price.

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