“The Oni” by Elizabeth Bell

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They destroyed her life and her innocence, leaving her to die. Now, using her cursed bloodline, she’s about to make them all suffer for what they did. But when one deals with Evil, no one is safe.

As the bodies begin to fall, two detectives and a doctor race against the clock to stop the carnage before they also fall victim to the Oni’s revenge.

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“Understanding the Works of Darkness” by pst tomowo

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Second Corinthians 2:11 says ‘lest Satan should take advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of his devices’.

When the Spirit of GOD told me to take on this series, so He might reveal some devices of the enemy to me… I was scared, reluctant and not interested… Who wants to learn about evil spirits, satan, information about witches, why humans are evil, the heart of darkness, darkness within, read spiritual books and spirituality…

Little did I know that the devices devil uses are some sneaky, tricky, common yet extremely powerful to buffet anyone, no matter the status…

These vices are in our world today… little wonders we see not many answers to prayers in the churches…

Understanding the works of darkness will:

★ amaze you and cause you to shiver,

★ reveal surprisingly how exposed and vulnerable we all are…

★ show how to overcome them

★ help discover the believer authority

★ help in understanding the Bible

★ and some quotes about self doubts, distractions, how to conquer fear, overcoming self sabotage, among others…

Understanding the works of darkness…helps checkmate these vices in our lives, lest Satan should take advantage of us.

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“A Bakery Called Scrumptious” by DeVon Nelson

At five and six years old, Shianne and her sisters were whipping up everything from chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies to peach cobblers and three-layer cakes.
Several years later, Shianne opens her bakery and is faced with having to deal with more than just tasty treats. Can the return of an ex-lover, an unexpected pregnancy, and a store burglary doom Scrumptious Bakery to failure?

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“Eagle’s Sword” by Stephen Ricketts

Destiny – Eagle’s Sword -A Legend Begins
The first book in a timeless saga.
A prophecy whispered through cautious lips is coming to pass. Three brothers will rise from its verses. They alone can turn the foretold into reality, before the last embers of hope are extinguished in the hearts of men. Victory or death is their inevitable… Destiny. An Empire hungry for power and wealth is casting its shadow over the city-state of Highground. Lied to, and betrayed, the Highlanders are forced to fight for survival. If they are to escape the clutches of their enemy, they must achieve the impossible and escape through the mountains before they perish in the snows of winter. Outnumbered and against all odds, Davos and a depleted Highground army are all that stand between the Mander and an exodus of Highground’s civilians. An eagle watches as the cold hand of fate reaches out for Davos Saberlund. If he is to survive he must undertake a journey like no other.

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 “Mind’s Journey: The King’s Quest (A GameLit Adventure)” by William H. Dewayne

What is an amnesiac to do? In a world of monsters, a stranger with a lost, forgotten past seeks the great wish-granting king for answers. But is it worth the cost?

Finding himself in a world he doesn’t understand, with a voice in his head and a strange being guiding him, he travels to the city of Astra where the great king dwells. And the answers might be found. With the friends he makes along the way, this stranger faces each new challenge the world throws at him in this journey of action and adventure. With no memories to guide him, all he can do is chase this single desire.

“Who am I?” That is the question that burns inside him.

In Astra, the greatest challenge awaits him. To gain what he seeks, he must pay through violence. Only the death of a monster can give him what he desires, the answer he seeks. But can he stand up to the dangers of this unknown world or will be crumble beneath the toils of monster slaying and his own growing fear?

Every wish comes with a price.

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