Children’s Books

May 10, 2019

Who is knocking?

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"Who is knocking?: A book about animal traits" by Vladimir Stanisic

Mother Rabbit is going to the market. She advises her three little rabbits to be wary of Sneaky Snake and his tricks while she is gone. As children read how the little rabbits are outsmarting Sneaky Snake, they learn about different animals and their distinguishing traits. They are also learning a valuable lesson ⎯ never open the door to strangers. Who Is Knocking? is filled with funny and memorable characters that will delight children, invite guessing and enable fun interaction between the reader and the child. Because of its interactive nature, this book is an ideal choice for read-aloud story time.


March 26, 2019


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For fans of the Children's books and picture books, follow the story of the Mr DEE and the dog’s thieves. It’s a great book that you‘ll absolutely love. It tells the story of the smart and helpful Mr DEE. Not all the times, things go his way, just because he’s a good man. Trouble always looks to follow him, but Mr DEE takes it easy. He tries to get out with the less damage every time. When Mr DEE tried to buy a dog, he got some troubles with a dog’s thieves. Let’s begin reading it, and enjoying the lessons to learn.


January 17, 2019

Chippa and the Disappearing Cake

"Chippa and the Disappearing Cake" by Sammy Grammy

| Website | Follow Chippa while she steals a cake for her chipmunk pups Freddy and Curtis.


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October 18, 2018


"THE MOONBEAM RIDER" by Carlton Holder

| Website | Occupation began when the first mothership appeared in the sky. Now they are taking over, one continent at a time. Collaborators, human traitors, are plentiful. Welcome to the resistance.  Noa Ash, a lonely teenage girl making entries into her personal journal, takes us on an astounding adventure. After she is orphaned during an alien attack, Noa is sent to live with a stern grandmother she has never known on Shadow - a once sunny beach that was warped into a hellish place of fog and darkness by a meteorite shower. There Noa finds an old surfboard and begins riding the beach’s cruel waves. As she learns to surf, Noa goes through a transformation of body and soul that turns her from a helpless nobody into a true heroine.  But fate has an even stranger destiny in mind for Noa when she discovers an underwater cavern where an archaic robot lay rusting. Only the robot is not a robot. It is a vessel. To resurrect it - the only weapon on Earth Noa believes can stop the alien occupation - she will have to transfer her life force - her soul - into the battered metal hull to pilot it. Aiding Noa in her mission is a strange boy from another time. A boy who Noa finds herself inexplicably drawn to.  "THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK" meets "WAR OF THE WORLDS."


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