Literature & Fiction

January 22, 2023

Lyric Man

“Lyric Man” by Linda J Morgan After surviving a near-fatal drowning, Joseph is left damaged in more ways than one. He carries the heavy burden of […]
January 13, 2023

Rose Diamond

Get Your Copy FREE! For Limited Time! “Rose Diamond” by Issac Brooks Roland Butler’s life is falling apart. He has been fired from his job only […]
December 3, 2022

Raines in the Day

“Raines in the Day” by  Gene Lee | Website | Facebook | With the state of Florida for a backdrop, Raines in the Day, is the […]
October 13, 2022

Café de Sophia

“Café de Sophia” by M.A. Alsadah While in a café, sixteen-year-old Nate comes across a man who engages him in an intellectual conversation. Fascinated by the […]