Why Now is the Right Time to Start a Business!

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May 19, 2019
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May 23, 2019

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“Why Now is the Right Time to Start a Business!: How to Beat the Odds and Be Successful! Turn Your Dreams into Reality!” by Russell DeBord

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Using the experience and talent that you already possess, you can create a business that helps other people realize their dreams. Your life becomes more fulfilling when you share your knowledge, help others, and you get paid in the process. This book helps you minimize the fears you may have and just move ahead to become a business owner!

Turn Your Dreams into Reality!

This book was created to help you make a decision to start your own small business. It could easily be a home-based business that you start that bring out the knowledge and skills that you already possess. Use your talents to create an income for yourself.  The entrepreneur in you can come out so you can help others fulfill their dreams and you get paid to teach them.

Make money teaching others how to do something that is second nature to you. When you help beginners learn from your talents, your life becomes more satisfying. Your purpose in life is realized and you get paid for it. Just think, by showing people how to do something that you love to do and getting paid for it isn’t even like having a job, it’s a pleasure. And did I did I mention that you get paid for it?

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