Uncovering Her Past

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January 27, 2021
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January 29, 2021

Uncovering Her Past” by Maya Scott

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Detective Ryan Fawkes, one of the NYPD’s finest detectives, gets a new extra high-profile case. He must investigate a couple of death threats sent to Nancy Thomas, New York City’s mayor’s daughter.

Nancy must get over the burden of her past in order to work with police detective Ryan Fawkes in figuring out where the recent threats to her life are coming from, and she must do this while keeping said past away from the police.

But what happens when Nancy realizes that the secrets from her past might be connected to her present threats?

And what sorts of complications will arise when both Nancy and the detective realize that they are falling for each other hard and fast.

Uncovering Her Past is a stand-alone steamy romantic suspense short story with an intelligent and sexy heroine and a strong, muscular, and driven hero.

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