Theatre of the Vampires

May 21, 2022
Barefoot in the Boardroom
May 29, 2022

“Theatre of the Vampires” by H.F.Galloway

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One night late a maintenance man was working in the theatre. As he reached over to turn off the lights, something moved from underneath a tarp and the story was born. Vampire bats flew out and bit him. They never dreamed he would bite back absorbing their power and the sacred blood. In all of the mayhem, an outcast bat and the maintenance man survived, they become friends. This little bat teaches him how to be a vampire and prepare for an army of monsters that are coming to retake the blood of the ancients. Because they are telepathic, they know what he has done and where he is. Now they’re coming. Hiding in plain sight he continues with his duties night after night the shows go on uninterrupted after all who can he tell? His boss? Doubt that everyone would think he’s lost his mind. Some trusted coworkers and friends are converted into creatures of the night. They prepare as they struggle to master the abilities they possess while running a theatre every night. A one-way bat plague is sweeping across the land, leaving a path of death and destruction. Revenge burns hot in their blood. There almost here…

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