The Time Agents

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October 13, 2022
Raines in the Day
December 3, 2022

“The Time Agents: Search for the Leon Key” by Sam Libraty

Time traveler Jon Howe must keep his timeline stable or watch his world collapse.
Jon Howe: Born in the 25th century.
Training: Time-traveling agent for timeline stability.

Lone wolf Jon Howe accepts his next mission—he must stop an invasion of super-strong, humanoid beings from a parallel universe. To do so, he must travel back to 1939 Casablanca, uncover strange, unexplained timeline events, and find the Leon Key, which allows travel to that parallel universe.
While back in time, his heart takes on another task; to win the love of a strange, exotic woman who seems to hate him at first glance but evokes extreme emotions in him.
The beautiful, Shoshanna, isn’t what she seems.
Will Jon get the key and save the world from super-strong beings, or be defeated by an unhinged maniac hellbent on vengeance and destruction, which also happens to be in love with the lovely Shoshanna?

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