The Steel of Sapience

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March 12, 2022
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March 17, 2022

“The Steel of Sapience” by Trinity Landon

Over a hundred years ago, members of the ancient Vanari race fled northbound, eluding the
conflicts brought to them by mankind. From there they came across the olden city of ash,
deciding to take refuge and call it their home. Years later while at full strength, the Vanari re-
established their once broken sovereignty, and along with it, forged ancient weapons infused
with the cosmic arts, each gifted to renowned warriors for their courage and fidelity. There was
once a time where the Vanari were everlasting in their supremacy.

Until one particular day, they all vanished in the blink of an eye.

Today, the Vanari race, now presumed dead, have been vanquished alongside their empire, and
what remains of the ancient weapons have been scattered. Amidst the chaos and conflict which
continues to reign throughout the nations across, one of the weapons has finally been unveiled
after so long. A sword, saturated with the moonlight artistry, Lunarmancy. And the man who
holds it now, an orphan man, named Auden Stray.

This is the story of not a hero, but a person, who wields the sword named Sapience.

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