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January 30, 2021
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February 2, 2021

“The Single Christian Woman’s Guide: Wisdom in Getting to Our God-Ordained Man of Promise” by Russelyn L. Williams

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The Single Christian Woman’s Guide shares some of the common experiences that single women go through. Ms. Williams gives heartfelt and Spirit-led insight as to how to navigate the world of being single successfully. The Single Christian Woman’s Guide deals with avoiding bitterness as a single woman, dealing with voids that attract the wrong men and behaviors in our lives, rejection that comes with being single, a Biblical and relevant outlook on sex, and so much more.

After reading this book, singles will feel affirmed, refreshed, and strengthened in their faith to believe God for his best understanding that the life of being a single is not due to rejection, but due to being developed into the mature women that God sees us as. We are God’s precious flowers, his single daughters in waiting to give full bloom in our God-ordained season. This second edition of The Single Christian Woman’s Guide also includes two interviews from married women in an addition chapter. Lakita Garth Wright, author of “The Naked Truth” and National abstinence education advocate and speaker shares a candid interview about her journey as a single woman until she met her husband at age 36. Sharon Chase is another woman who shares her experience as a single woman into her early 30s until she got married as well. Learn balanced perspectives from myself, a still single woman, and two older married women in this final second edition of The Single Christian Woman’s Guide.

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