The Shifting

The New Blue
February 5, 2021
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February 9, 2021

“The Shifting: Book 1 in the Dystopian Terror Saga” by Nicholas Head

Little remained of the world…

…and those that were left must live with The Terror.

Was there hope in Oregon?

At 17-years old, Colleen has never known love except from her mother. Life on the dying earth was a struggle for survival, and then it got worse. Her vision began to fail. Should they listen to the rumors?

The isolated life in North Texas was grim.

They heard about a cure.

With some food, an old handgun, a few knives, and a dog named Jackson, they head out. For Colleen, it’s a vast empty world, but there were dangers. She learned to fight when she was little but staying alive on the road would take more than that. Keeping one’s head was the real challenge.

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