The Shifter’s Possession

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November 19, 2019
November 23, 2019

“The Shifter’s Possession: A Ghost Shifters Novel” by R.A. Boyd

“Every villain has a reason for being the bad guy, right?”

Ghost shifter Ronin Michaelson doesn’t want to be evil. The insane angel possessing him and controlling his actions says otherwise. So does the ancient prehistoric monster waiting to take over his body.

Too many voices in his head.

Fallen angel Willow Slade was tired of watching the shifters of the Ghost clan pair up and fall in love. She hoped and prayed more often than she was proud of that she would be next. She wanted to fall crazy in love, not fall in love with the crazy man who controlled the infamous Rogue clan.

She should have been more specific in her prayers.

The sparks between Willow and Ronin are explosive. With the Ghost shifters fighting for his sanity and the Rogue clan trying to free him, the only clarity for Ronin comes in the form of his mate, Willow— the curvy goddess of a woman who has the power to save his soul. Or end his life.

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