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February 5, 2021
The Shifting
February 7, 2021

“The New Blue: A Democrat’s Roadmap to the Working Man” by Jonathan Kincaid

We need a Democratic Party that casts a wide tent not because it is urban, but because it represents the average everyday American. We need a government that works for the good of the nation and not just the half of it that votes for them. This book reimagines the working man for the modern era. Applying a dollars and sense approach to governance I offer up strong solutions for how the Democratic Party can better support the working-class and increase their voter turnout. This book seeks to recapture the sentiments of the lost moderate Democrat and serves to bridge the divide between rural and urban Americans. As a person who has existed in both Red and Blue America, I point out areas of consensus and reframe misunderstandings in the hopes of producing better policy outcomes. Join me for a discussion on the merits as we explore; taxation, criminal justice, democratic institutions, corporate reform, healthcare, military spending, agriculture, statehood, and underrepresented groups.

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