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March 31, 2020
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April 2, 2020

“The Military Grade Travel Guide: How to Survive a Dangerous World” by Joel Gallagher

We live in an age where terrorists, cyber criminals, and lone wolf attackers can lay in wait for us at any given time. Countries once regarded as peaceful such as France, the United Kingdom and the United States are increasingly falling victim to violent crime and of ruthless terrorism. As the world becomes more globalized and intercontinental travel to a growing number of risky destinations becomes more accessible, protecting yourself becomes a priority.

My name is Joel Gallagher, as an international security consultant I’ve worked alongside counter-terrorism and security specialists in a range of countries from the United Kingdom and Russia to Israel and the United States. As a frontline expedition leader, I’ve enabled journalists to carry out work in war-torn countries and failed states across 4 continents.

Through my skills learned in the international security sector, I created the military grade travel guide to provide personal security skills for the average person to be able to save their life or the lives of others in the event of a crisis, attack or emergency. My aim is to turn potential victims into potential survivors.

From surviving a kidnapping or mass shooter to crucial cyber security skills and creating a makeshift bulletproof vest, the material in this book derives from first hand experience as well as research conducted with former special forces, former criminals and law enforcement. It is aimed at the unarmed civilian population and takes a blunt, straightforward approach.

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