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June 18, 2020
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June 25, 2020

“The Manual: The Stuff I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Dad” by Paul Pierce

The MANUAL (A Child Rearing Guide for the New Father)

“The Manual” is a quirky, perhaps REDNECK approach to helping the first-time father raise a newborn son or daughter! It outlines the challenges every new father faces including changing diapers, bottle feeding, manners, potty training and a myriad of issues that he is not likely to consider until it is too late!

The first-time father is at a huge disadvantage in dealing with a new baby today! He has never been taught the correct way to hold the baby, or feed the baby, or change the baby, or put the baby to sleep, or dress the baby. First time fathers have a higher incidence of heart attack, stroke, diarrhea, sweaty palms, uncontrollable flatulation, pink eye and more. But The Manual can cure those nasty conditions!!

When a first-time father dives into The Manual he will quickly learn there are many potential dangers the HC001 (Human Child #1, or Your 1st Child) faces in the first few years of life, including sunburn, extreme cold, falling objects, fire and more. With the step-by-step guidance of The Manual a new father will learn how to safely navigate these and many other challenges he will face in the first few years of child-rearing.

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