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June 24, 2022
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June 29, 2022


**A Vigilante Short Story**

The first rule of being a hitwoman: blend in.
The second rule: is never tell anyone.
The third rule: is never leave any witnesses.

When an innocent woman gets caught up for her crimes, Aries Kane can’t sit idly by…

Aries knows there’s no justice in a corrupt system. So, her only option is to avenge those who can no longer speak for themselves. What else can she do when evil would otherwise get away with crimes? If there’s no one to stand up for those wronged, where’s their justice? She’s their justice.

Aries is determined to be the face for the faceless, the voice for the voiceless, and the vengeance for those wronged.

By punishing the evil people who’d otherwise get away with murder or any number of other dirty deeds, she can almost sleep at night. Almost. Because she’s a criminal too. And it’s only a matter of time before her crimes—and the law—catch up to her or maybe not.

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