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May 27, 2020
May 31, 2020

The Day You Left” by Elvira Guzman

“The Day You Left” is a great book for anyone who have lost a parent or family member in their life and they need a little uplifting to get back up again. This book is intended to remind the reader of who they truly are inside and it motivates them to live life with joy again!

“The Day You Left is written with the message of hope, compassion and self-love. It teaches children that although there’s dark days, good days are ahead and no matter what happens, life will always workout in your favor. I can tell the author wrote the book from firsthand experience which shows in the gentleness in which this book was beautifully written.”
-Jackie Toutoundjian (Univision’s Morning Show Producer)

“Ms. Guzman speaks from the heart. Her love and dedication for helping others stand in the light of God is amazing!”
-Alan Floyd (Beyoncé‘s Road Manager)

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