The Crazy Bookshop

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February 5, 2022
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February 13, 2022

“The Crazy Bookshop” by E. Broom

Cadenbury Town Book 1

Who knew when I threw a latte in my boss’s face, my life would change forever?

After being fired from his job for Gross Misconduct, Ernest Turnball decided to try something different and applied for a job at The Crazy Bookshop.

Starting his new life as a bookshop assistant, Ernest meets some interesting characters, like Mollyanne, who looks like the wicked stepmother from Snow White, when she turns into the crone, but without the big nose. What she does have is a crow, owl, fox, and German shepherd. One of whom is always with her. Or his new boss Alfred, who reminds him of an excitable puppy.

A prediction from one of the town witches puts the town on it’s guard, but strange things are still occurring. It seems someone is spell casting and causing havoc to the town and its people.

Having found out he is a witch, Ernest is determined to find out who is behind spells, and if the town mayor and Alpha wolf shifter, Adhan Stone, wants to help him, who is he to say no?

With the town looking on, scorecards at the ready, can Ernest and Adhan save the town, and reach a perfect ten score?

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