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February 26, 2021
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“The Costume Killer” by L. Moore

Florida is the new home of a notorious serial killer with a bizarre MO. All his victims are found dressed up in various uniforms, and all are connected in a mysterious way. He might appear immature and gullible, but he is a master manipulator. Will he succeed in his vigilante ways and fuel his ego? Or will his rising paranoia and quest for dominance lead to his downfall?

His new adversary is a young patrolman named Derek Whitworth, who is striving to become a detective while dealing with a volatile relationship with his fiancée, Jacqui, and her law-enforcement family. Meanwhile, Jacqui’s shady past is slowly coming back to haunt her through an old friend.

Will they be able to stop the killer? Or will he succeed in playing everyone against each other? Greed, lust, betrayal, and self-discovery are all explored in-depth in this first novel by L. Moore.

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