The Corporate Hippie Handbook

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February 28, 2021
Kingdom Trilogy
March 2, 2021

“The Corporate Hippie Handbook: How to be Wild and Well Heelede” by Jessie Pengilly

Work is all pervasive, especially now when we are available any time, any device, anywhere – very few can find the space to allow both their wild and their well-heeled elements to co-exist.

The Corporate Hippie Handbook enables readers to build harmony between the human and the professional, create better working relationships and find more balance. Full of jaw dropping facts, creative solutions and wisdom in an accessible, clear prose.

Wherever you are in life and whatever you’re trying to accomplish you will find simple ways to rebalance, gain a different perspective, enrich your time and harness the benefit of ancient knowledge within the modern workplace. Its time for a corporate culture revolution!

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