The Banner of the Broken Orc

Fallen Ancients Rising
January 8, 2021
January 15, 2021

“The Banner of the Broken Orc: The Call of the Darkness Saga” by Aiden L Turner

Monsters will rise from the depths. Monsters will sit on gilded thrones. Horrors unimaginable to waking eyes seek slaughter amongst peace-loving folk. Violent warriors, with scarred faces and bloody swords, will challenge the rising of the Darkness.

Before the beginning there was only darkness. Complete and unbroken darkness. Then He who is creation arose, and the darkness sickened Him. He brought forth His power and from His will came life. Beautiful, diverse and numerous. But with the birth of life the darkness became aware, knowing and vengeful. A struggle ensued, vast and without hope of end. A grand battle between the master of nonentity and corruption, and the lord of life and growth. In this grand battle, spanning both time and distance, champions shall rise, brave and strong of heart and body. But take heed fair reader and beware: the majesty and wonder of creation is only surpassed by the horrors of the Darkness. Not every monster has fangs and claws. Not every slave is bound in iron. Not even the purest of heroes is untainted by evil.

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