The Ancient Chronicles

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October 15, 2020
Wheels Galore!
October 30, 2020

“The Ancient Chronicles: The Newborn” by Richard A. Delgado

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Badly treated by his father, Leonardo spends the evening hiding away only to find his entire family brutally murdered the next morning. That night, he had a dream about monsters, but it had only been a dream, right? Perhaps not, as his family is not dead, and Leonardo is thrust into work as a slave, living a life of solitude as he plots revenge.

Unbeknownst to young Leonardo, a dark and mysterious entity has been watching him carefully, waiting for the opportune moment to take him away from his life of abuse and mistreatment. Boris is a reckless, seductive vampire who sees great promise in Leonardo, so one night in the woods, he takes his life-but gives him another.

Boris teaches him the immortal ways through the Vampyr laws. However, as a newborn vampire Leonardo fights a battle between his mortal past and immortal future. He must choose to embrace the darkness or fight against those who came before, while seeking vengeance for his family’s massacre and even becoming a killer himself.

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