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May 11, 2020
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May 28, 2020

“Speed Reading For Life” by Zon Digital Services

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DOUBLE OR TRIPLE YOUR READING SPEED – Amaze Yourself – Amaze Others!

THE TECHNIQUE HIGHLIGHTED – helps you to generate a pattern that your brain can associate with your intent to read faster at any time.

By following the process outlined in this short eBook, you will quickly be able to grasp the simply laid-out concepts that enable you to double and triple your reading speed.

*Exercises to move you from beginner to a fluent speed-reading master
*Learn to switch your brain from regular reading to speed reading through the use of triggers
*Find out how to give yourself clues so that the text input is more easily digested by your brain
As you begin to master your skills in this area, you have the ability to continue to move as fast as you want through continuously progressing in your new skill.

In this book, we work through these stages of growth:
You learn how to move faster through the pages so that your physical movement does not interfere with your mental speed.
*You will find out the best way to encourage faster eye movement through the text
*Watch your speed develop through the systematic process outlined in the book
*You find out how to nail this skill and blast through your entire book at record speed


Become an outstandingly fast reader and amaze your business associates, your friends and even amaze yourself, at what you are truly capable of.

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