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September 17, 2021
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October 21, 2021

“Spanish Short Stories for Adult Beginners: Quick And Fun Stories to Learn Spanish Verbs, Conjugations, And More!” by Explore To Win

Enjoy Spanish Verbs!

All those tenses! Do they seem too difficult? Too boring? Too much? Have you wasted time memorizing them, only to forget them overnight?

This book presents you with lessons about Spanish verbs and stories that illustrate their uses. This time you will not forget! Its five-step structure, taking you from the lesson through a story to a hands-on task will make Spanish verbs memorable to you. Go through Parts 1 and 2 to learn about verbs, and read the story in Part 3 to get some context and have fun! After that, parts 4 and 5 will help you assess your reading skills.

You can’t simply learn a language by looking at grammar charts. You need to bring language to life. That is what this book does for you.

Learn Spanish verb tenses with the lessons. As you may know, the Spanish verb system is more complex than its English counterpart. Start learning the basic tenses easily, right away!
Create a comprehensive glossary you will want to keep forever. The glossary in each chapter will help you do this quickly.
Remember Spanish tenses and verbs once and for all. The stories will provide the context you need.
Assess your reading skills by reading a bilingual summary. How well did you get the gist of the story?
Practice reading for more detail to learn new words and develop your receptive skills.
If all this sounds like you, don’t waste more time looking at lifeless grammar charts! The lessons and stories in this book are what you need. Enjoy Spanish verbs!

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