Rachav Lapertice
February 12, 2021
Fibromyalgia and Anxiety
February 16, 2021

“Shake up companies like crazy: how to become a change initiator to save the planet” by EVIANE

Urgent action is needed to save the Planet, to bequeath a viable world to future generations. You too can help companies, with their high-impact systems, to evolve! Active in the administration, on your own account, in business, or working for the common cause in politics or civil society? To all courageous souls, to all Gen X, Y, Z… to all the ambitious, the author shares in this manifesto, his contemplations, observations, and reflections. He combines ambition with audacity and passion. His calm and determination are communicative, as is his motivation. The task is certainly immense, but is worth thousand times over…In this manifesto you will discover:- the strategy to be put in place to prepare, together, a REALLY better future for us.- the original 4Ps method Follow in the footsteps of EVIANE, and join him as soon as possible!

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