Samaya’s Summer

September 10, 2021
Spanish Short Stories for Adult Beginners
September 24, 2021

“Samaya’s Summer: Book One of The Genesis Chronicles” by Ms. Tery

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Fourteen-year-old basketball prodigy, Samaya Lewis, missed curfew one too many times. Her punishment—an all-expense-paid trip to her Aunt Cece’s home in the country. Grounded for ninety days, Samaya is not to look at, touch, or even think about basketball; the “hobby” her mother fears is consuming her life.

Painfully shy and anxiety-ridden, Samaya dreads the coming-of-age experience her mom and aunt have planned. However, after buying the dress and meeting the boy, Samaya’s journey takes a detour when she and a new friend uncover a sinister conspiracy involving a strange man with a powerful secret and dangerous intention for the rural community of Willow Ridge and possibly the world.

Thrust into a conflict she wants no parts of and unprepared to risk her new friendships or basketball, Samaya must decide who and what are important before the sun sets on her summer.

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