Rejection and Redemption

Uncomfortable Ideas
December 1, 2021
An Apology To Lucifer
December 25, 2021

“Rejection and Redemption” by E. Broom

Having been rejected by his mate and physically attacked by his father, Fintan Fitzwilliam drives out of town never to look back.

Stopping for the night at a village hotel, Fintan wakes three days later, to find himself in hospital, and not a normal hospital but a pack run one.

Dr Robert Pullman is surprised by an emergency phone call from his father, who has found an injured man outside of his hotel. What surprised Robert even more is that the injured man is his fated mate.

With a safe place to live and new friends Fintan’s life is suddenly happy and filled with joy. But his father is after him, as is Alpha Bishop, they want him back in the Bishop pack, and will drag him back at any cost.

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