Peace they didn’t extend

July 17, 2020
Shocking Swapping!
July 20, 2020

Peace they didn’t extend” by Acknella Ndoro

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A poetry book full of dark emotions, sadness and broken-dreams. This book dives deep into the psyche of our heartaches and provides a window to our sad souls. No one wants to hurt, but unfortunately, we all do sometimes as it is part of life. This book will help you come face to face with your demons, your sorrows, and all that you could not express to others. The poems describe life and its meaning in ways that will leave the reader perplexed and wondering what life is all about. The poems will grip you and journey with you on a road to an emotional self-discovery. Whatever your pain is, this book has you covered; from betrayal, self-sabotage, depression, rejection, abuse, racism, neglect, infertility and the ever growing pandemic of the 21st Century; loneliness. We all want to belong and sadly in our times, most of us are guilty of leaving others feeling lonely and unloved. This poetry book is dark and delicious.

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