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March 17, 2020
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March 19, 2020

Paradox” by L.E Coleman

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Who is Isabel’s and how can she have the power to change the fate of the Universe?

The system of Universes is changing and a war is coming. Gaia holds the key to fight, but the only ones capable to lead the battle escaped to protect their love, that has been threatened by a prophecy.

The Administrators of the Cosmic Universe provide asylum to Makala and Zagreus, but they need to follow the complex Universal Laws, with reincarnation and forgetfulness among them. They have no other choice but to go through it, not knowing the difficulties that will arise for centuries to come.

Makala has now incarnated on Earth as Isabel, but Zagreus is nowhere to be found.

Isabel is the only one that can find him. Time is running out, and she needs to go through her Awakening to remember who she really is. But something unexpected happened. Something that never happened before in the Cosmic Universe.

What is she willing to do? Will she be able to get the alliance with Angels to save Earth? Or is she going to go against the odds and find Zagreus?

This is a gripping sci-fi story of love, war, suspense, and the challenges of two souls that are determined to be together, even if it means risking everything.

Read this first book of the saga, and immerse on the System of Universes that will show you how things can work in ways you never expected. Where the balance between good and evil will determine the final outcome.

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