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November 8, 2019
Warriors, Wizards, and the Salesman
November 12, 2019

Palmerstone Ridge” by Kim Allen

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Janette Walsh was an orphaned girl who felt lucky to end up with a caring, supportive foster family. She was working for the family cafe when Richard Pilman came into her life. They became more than friends and were soon planning a life together. As their romance blossomed, a little life was growing inside her. Before the child came, Richard was taken away to war, but promised to return.

The pregnancy was tough but the baby arrives, and then the news came that Richard’s battalion was lost. Overwhelmed, Jeanette abandons responsibility and heads into the wilderness. She matures in the outback until she realizes she needs to return to the people she disregarded.

Has she grown enough to be able to handle the world she ran away from?

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