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March 19, 2020
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March 23, 2020

“Novel Corona Virus: Complete Guidebook on surviving the epidemic” by Abe Brahma

“To solve a problem, dig at the roots instead of hacking the leaves “

We as a Humankind are faced with a new challenge in the form of a novel coronavirus epidemic. It is very important to understand the mechanism of the virus to make better choices to prevent and recover. This short 40-page book on the ncovid-19 virus covers everything you need to know about the latest epidemic from the pathology of the virus to preparing for lockdown. Below is the sneak peak of some of the information that is covered in the book .
1)Complete Pathology of the virus
2) Symptoms of the COVID-19 ( Information on the different types of common cold viruses and how you can differentiate COVID-19 from other viruses). Different stages of COVD-19 and the symptoms associated with each stage.
3) Sixteen Prevention Strategies from CDC, WHO, and other Functional medicine doctors.
4) Foods to boost your immune health. We have covered the Nutrition you need to boost your immune health and laid out the food sources and serving sizes.
5) DIY recipes for Hand sanitizers, Face Masks, immune-boosting Herbal teas
6) Preparing for Lockdown.

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