My Lupus Journal

The Life She Chose
November 2, 2021
Splinters of My Soul
November 7, 2021

“My Lupus Journal” by Honey Snug LLC

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This journal is specifically made for Lupus Warriors. It has over 100 pages over journaling and then it has daily mood trackers, appointment setting, pain management and medication tracker in the back. It is a large journal where you can write your thoughts and also monitor all your appointments!! Me and my sister came together to make this journal to help her monitor her lupus and to write down all the challenges that go on through this not so fun journey. My sister was looking for a journal made for her and this disease she has lived with for years now and let me tell you! She is such a warrior!! and this made me so happy that she would ask me to honor he with this journal. I really hope every person fighting this fight enjoys this journal as much as we did making it. This is a journal that you should hold dear to your heart.

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