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March 6, 2022
Stargazing in Solitude
March 12, 2022

“Miss Gifty’s School” by C.&M. LEMESLE

Christopher-Georges, 11, starts his first day of 6th grade at a mysterious boarding school : Miss Gifty’s school. On the school playground, he and his friends find a strange locked gate that no kid is allowed to go near. Together with his friends, Camille, a rich and snobbish little girl, and Matthew, an intrepid boy from a more modest background, they decide to find out what is hidden behind this gate.
But Mr Pouce, the director of the school, is watching their every move, catching them each time they get closer to the truth. What are the adults hiding from them ? What is this secret on the other side ? Some kids at school start to get a strange disease that make them fall asleep indefinitely. Thanks to their friendship, the trio manage to escape and think that their problems are now over. But they discover that the government is involved and has decided to get rid of all the children who are different. A mysterious and fascinating novel based on a story that may have really happened…

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