August 12, 2020
August 21, 2020

“Mind over Tummy: How to finally win that battle with the scale” by May Zaki

Do you feel tired of torturing yourself over this never-ending diet circle?

Would you like to stop fighting your mind and finally live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle you can be proud of?

If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, then keep reading…

Did you know that an average 40- year old woman spends about 17 years of her life being “on a diet?” That means that almost half of their lives, women are watching their weight while trying not to gain an extra pound or two almost on a daily bases.

Whether it is just simply avoiding so-called unhealthy foods like burgers, ice-cream, pizza, and so on, or jumping on a “real diet” like Keto, Vegan, Paleo, or any other trend that is popular out there.  And still…

Most of them fail to stay in their desired weight range and are not satisfied with what they see in the mirror. There must be a way to get out of this never-ending cycle! And there is…

Throughout this book, I will teach you what I have learned over many years as a professional health coach – the “no-diet” approach that my clients are using right now, and losing weight without any strict diets or weight loss plans and enjoy life and their fit and beautiful bodies at the same time.

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