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December 25, 2021
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January 6, 2022

“Meditate! and Grow Rich” by Mark Stark

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This is a book on awareness, meditation and exploring and experiencing all there is in life. It’s about much more than the mere pursuit of money, but the meditations and topics explored in the following pages you’ll find ideas and guidance that can greatly assist you in going in any direction you desire.

Wealth is the energy of beingness that you are. This is or can be reflected in your life in limitless ways; just as you are a limitless creation, your life will be an extension of your chosen creations. Do you wish to create money, health, new relationships, new businesses, inner peace and harmony? Do you wish to connect with your vitality and live longer? It’s more than possible when we engage the energy of creation that we are and allow more fluidity and ease into our life. Otherwise, there’s too much internal conflict and resistance to effectively create what you want, without a great deal of effort.

Meditation is about empowering yourself to live in awareness and consciously design a life of your choosing. It can bring you balance, ease, health, wealth, longevity, vitality and whatever else you desire. It can open you to a larger and more expansive way to see and connect with the deeper reality and source of things. If you choose that. Give yourself permission to explore what is possible and let experience and inner knowing be your guide.

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