Marie, Matt & Mama: Beautiful Life

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March 30, 2020
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Marie, Matt & Mama: Beautiful Life” by M.A. Sylvester

| Paperback Version |

Children’s Book, Marie, Matt & Mama: Beautiful Life is about a mother spending quality time in activities with her two children to educate them on faith and purpose while teaching them virtues such as hope, love and charity.

LOVE- The book aims to teach children that they were created specially with love and gifts for a good reason called Purpose. Everyone is loved, beautiful, talented, gifted and God has a plan for their lives.

FAITH- With faith, children can go on to discover their Purpose.

The author believes that children, regardless of their skin color or disability or whether their parents are together, separated or divorced, should be always allowed to grow in an atmosphere of love and faith.

This book also helps with children needing to deal with separation anxiety as the book makes children understand that parents and loved ones do not have to be physically present all the time to be connected. We are always connected in spirits through love in our hearts.

The book contains beautiful messages of love, hope and prayers for the little ones and is great for classic bedtime stories.

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