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January 13, 2023
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January 27, 2023

“Lyric Man” by Linda J Morgan

After surviving a near-fatal drowning, Joseph is left damaged in more ways than one. He carries the heavy burden of his little brother’s death in an icy pond. Meaningful song lyrics become his only way to communicate with others. He spends his life rescuing injured animals in the forest behind his cabin. All is well until he mistakenly thinks he is helping and rescuingdistraught women in Nashville.

A teenage girl is found dead in Joseph’s woods, Nashville’s finest detectives, Quiz Fuller and Maggie Bender, are put on the case. A frazzled Joseph becomes their main suspect, causing him to spiral out of control. Other suspects range from talented country singers to Quiz’s own teenage twins, who both hide disturbing secrets concerning the victim.

Detective Quiz Fuller has a reputation of filtering nothing that comes out of his mouth. His partner, the younger Maggie Bender is determined to keep him in check, so tempers flare, yet sparks fly. Troubling truths arise in music city and also within their own homes. Meanwhile, something sinister and shocking is unraveling in Quiz’s neighborhood …and nobody knows anything about it.

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