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December 6, 2020
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December 14, 2020

Keto For Women Over 50” by Sarah Flores

Here’s How You Can Overcome Your Struggling Metabolism And Lose Weight Even After You’ve Hit The Big 5-0 Mark!

After 50, your metabolism slows down, consequently increasing your waistline and putting fat on your abdomen. This affects not only your figure but also your health. Disorders such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and fatty liver disease can also arise.

And finally comes the menopause that completely changes your body!

If you’ve tried various diets without getting the results you expected, know that this did not happen because of you, but most likely because you followed a diet that was too general and not designed for you.

That’s why only a complete and specific guide to the ketogenic diet for women over the age of 50 can help you lose weight, maintain your results, and help you face menopause serenely.

Introducing “Keto For Women Over 50” By Sarah Flores – The Ultimate Keto Diet Book For Women Who Believe “50” Is Just A Number!

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