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July 8, 2019
Ace the Medical Job Interview and Prevent a Code Blue
July 11, 2019

Kakorrhaphiophobia” by Chris DeVito

One instant.

A single flash of twisted metal and steel is all it takes to shatter Jennifer’s life forever. The drunk driver took her husband’s life but she lives on. Depression. Survivor guilt. Anxiety. They all take their hold like a vice grip.

Jennifer has gone from being an investment banker in Manhattan and having nerves of steel, to not being able to perform the simplest tasks without feeling the most crippling fear. To escape her despair and anxiety, she has moved to a small southern town where she sits alone in the new house she has made her prison. So she can avoid people and the panic they now bring.

She thought she knew fear, she thought she knew terror, until she hears the loud knocking at her front door.

But the real horror may already be inside…

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