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“Investing:Investment Rules and How to Become a Successful Investor Your ultimate beginner’s guide to wealth and success” by Mohannad Rababah

Use these rules to become a successful stock investor.

Have you been thinking of ways to become a successful stock market investor? Are you wondering how to get started in stock investment? Do you have some set goals that you would like to achieve as a stock investor? Well, this book is designed just for you!

One thing that you must understand is that being a successful stock market investor does not happen overnight. You have to be willing to learn the ins and outs of the financial world. It is critical that you focus on growing your personality as an investor, and this takes lots of time and patience.

One mistake that so many people make is going into a stock market investment with the thought that they just have to sit back and relax as wealth begins to unfold! Trust me; nothing comes easy. You have to expend some effort for you to become a successful investor in the stock market. Once in a while, there are those investors that buy and sell using their ‘gut feeling’ and become successful, but in most cases, they will be wrong.

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