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September 19, 2020
Remember Destiny
October 3, 2020

Human Currency” by Melissa Manning

Maybe I should not have gotten into all of these because this seems to be love as against my passion. Or more correctly, perhaps I should not have gotten into all of these with him, but that will mean that I picked passion over love, which will be hugely unfair, but what was fair anyways? Nothing! Absolutely nothing in Georgia.
Love against passion is what I call it, but in reality, it was humanity against a person’s interest. To have a balance will mean that I give him a child which well, that is the crux of my life…But the crux of this story has to be the thousands of people out and looking for saving.
An ex-military no-bullshit lady on a mission to save the spoils of SAA as against having a fun-filled anniversary night with Jamal. Will she win this fight or at least come out alive? What remains for Jamal; No child, Nandi’s PSTD, a new mission that he must be an accomplice of…
Does love wreck anyone better? Will the State of Georgia, become as free as Nandi.

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