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September 5, 2019
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September 30, 2019

“Hardened Hearts: A Crime Drama (A Derrick Forrester & Associates Novel Book 1)” by William Joiner

A P.I.’s client comes in for help with a divorce. Later that morning her husband is brutally murdered in his own home. All the evidence points to the wife as the killer. Can the P.I. prove she’s innocent before she goes to a trial she won’t win? Or will he have to try to prove her innocence while she sits in a prison cell?

As an LAPD police officer Derrick Forrester came up against some of the worst criminals in Los Angeles, but now heading a private investigation firm, he’s faced with dull divorce cases and temperamental clients; that is, until a new client, Alana Justice-Reiner, seeks his firm’s help. Things have been difficult with her husband, Alex, and she suspects that another woman could influence the division of Alex’s fortune. Under the terms of their prenuptial agreement, Alana gets half of everything if he cheats.

Derrick and his associates, surveillance expert Bryce Flannery and former LAPD detective Sparta Jones find out that Alex is a serial adulterer and has been seeing one woman, Debra Hastings, for months and report this to Alana. Later that morning, Alex is found brutally murdered in his home. Alana becomes the prime suspect; even Derrick is suspicious of her alibi. Alana had access to the house, motive, and means. She admits that she drove by the house. Alana is arrested, but Derrick wants to solve this case before Alana goes to a trial she can’t win.

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