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December 12, 2019
December 16, 2019

“GET THAT JOB! ACE Your JOB Interview – Every Time!” by Christine Reidhead

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Tips to Starting College Series – GET THAT JOB!

Ace your job interview – every time!

Inasmuch as there is a no one-size-fits all method to get that job, because jobs and interviewers differ. There is a regular pattern to job interview questions and job interview weaknesses. All of the suggestions will work for you if you follow the tips of job interviewing in this book.

Get that job!
Landing a job in this contemporary job market has become more difficult than ever. People are seeing the need to learn new skills. The tips on job interviews included in this book will help you become better qualified for the position you are seeking. This job interview guide will help you determine possible weaknesses you may have while also focusing on the job interview questions.

Good Job Interview Skills
You need to convince your employer that, out of the numerous candidates whose resumes have been selected, you are the best candidate for the job. Together we will explore questions that arise in job interviews and the common weaknesses for job interviews. There is a lot more involved than just meeting with the company and telling them about yourself and your capabilities.

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