Forbidden Justice

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June 28, 2021
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July 12, 2021

Forbidden Justice” by Michael Gleason & MaryAnne Gleason

Two women share similar lives centuries apart.

Their spirits collide across time as justice relentlessly pursues their betrayers.

Rainbird is a 19th century Shoshone princess with gifted powers from beyond.  But the loss of her only child drives her toward immense spiritual revenge into the 21st Century.

In modern-day San Francisco, heiress Kay Shan Corbett seeks the painful truth behind her only child’s disappearance.  Now, husband Jeffrey wants her to relocate with him across the country to Virginia Beach, VA.

Kay begins to question her sanity until she discovers a terrible reality.  Is she about to be murdered and disappear also?

What is Kay’s connection to Rainbird and why does the Shoshone woman continually haunt Kay’s dreams and hypnotic episodes?

Only time will tell…and justice is coming.

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