Five-year-old in a Box

Uncovering Her Past
January 28, 2021
Found By Love in Rome
January 30, 2021

“Five-year-old in a Box: A True Love Story” by Lateshia Simpson

Five Year Old In A Box is a true love story, but that’s not all. Beyond that, it is a journey of how with the grace of God life can sustain efforts needed to redirect the path of life.

When Lateshia was only five years old, she experienced feelings of neglect and not being loved. Depression, anxiety, mental and emotional abuse pushed her life off course for many years. That is, until she met a counselor who helped her recognize that she was still holding on to that five-year-old girl.

This realization helped her redirect her life, but it was the death of her husband that truly opened the door to transformation and led her to God.

With an open her heart, she allowed God’s love to flow through her and the peace that she felt allowed her pains to whittle away.

Apart from a truly touching story, this book is also a book of lessons. It will teach readers to be strong in order to successfully overcome any obstacle in life.

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