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September 11, 2020
Everything She Needs
September 14, 2020

First Person Singular” by Hils Ranby

Short-listed for the Richard and Judy ‘Search for a Bestseller’ award, this police crime novel introduces Steve Reith and his multi-player team. Contemporary, based in London on sunny June days, the story follows the hunt for a multiple murderer who takes an interesting view of the world. Only their wishes and ambitions are relevant – everything else can go…Steve Reith is building a new investigation team, with a disparate mix of able but possibly contradictory characters. A group of people by turn attractive, barmy, bumptious, eager or any combination therein. Will Reith move them past the early days of mutual puzzlement and onto effectiveness, fast enough to stop the mayhem? With a mix of investigation and people-watching, this tale takes a stroll through a well-heeled element of London society, meeting a range of characters each contributing pieces to the jigsaw picture.

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