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August 28, 2019
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September 5, 2019

“Fire At Will: A Space Opera Adventure (Far Beyond Book 1)” by Christian Kallias

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An alien princess in distress? Check! Spaceships, Giant Mechs & Xenomorphs? Check! A high-stake intergalactic war? You better believe it!

After saving the Arcadian Confederate from certain destruction, Kevin’s consciousness is cast back to Earth. But Kevin has a hard time readapting to his boring, no-thrills life. Not to mention no one seems to believe his tales of galaxy-hopping adventures.

But when a Kregan operative shows up to hunt him down, Kevin gets his wish of returning to his galactic adventures. This time around it’s not just his consciousness on the line, but his body as well as his dog, Boomer. The Arcadians task their best engineer to recruit the pair to save the Arcadians once more.

If Kevin can’t whip this motley crew into shape, the galaxy’s doomed. By association, Kevin might inadvertently put Earth into the sights of the Kregan Empire. Can Kevin rescue the Arcadian princess from the grasp of her enemy without jeopardizing everything he holds dear in the process?

Far Beyond is like The Last Starfighter meets The Matrix.If you enjoy fast-paced, action-packed Sci-Fi with great characters, a healthy dose of humor, and good old-fashioned nostalgia from the 90’s action blockbusters

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