Famously In Love

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July 21, 2020
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July 24, 2020

Famously In Love” by Dee Chien

Aubri Diaz loves working for the Anderson family. When she took her nanny and tutoring position with them a couple of years ago however, she had no idea that she would also be steering her life into a whole different world, Jay Williams’ Hollywood world. After all, he was the guy that once adorned her bedroom walls, a far off teen girl’s fantasy.

To most of the world he is Hollywood Heartthrob Jay Williams. To his family, he’s Drew Anderson, a loving son and big brother extraordinaire. Drew never would have imagined meeting the young woman who takes care of his siblings would change the course of his own life, one that is truly run by his acting career and everything that comes with it.

With an undeniable bond, Aubri and Drew allow themselves to be drawn closer together despite the rumors, paparazzi, and crazed fans. They face not only the dark side of Hollywood together, but must also overcome personal darkness from the past if they want to be “famously in love”.

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