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March 27, 2020
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March 30, 2020

“Faith is Tangible” by Adam Sharpe

Based on the Adam Sharpe’s lifelong studies and his personal journey, this spirituality book offers a look at what faith is and isn’t.

The author does not contend that faith is some form of magic that can manifest anything imaginable, whether perverse, detrimental or not , but rather faith will manifest only those things that are good and compatible with God’s will and perfect plan for your individual destiny.

Sharpe breaks the biblical process of utilizing faith down to seven easy-to-understand keys. These seven keys are not based on opinion but are based solely on biblical principles. The author makes a conscious effort to edit out all needless intellectual jargon and gives the reader practical benefits from a lifetime of studies.

This book includes stories from the authors own life and gives the reader’ wisdom from tribulations most could only imagine and hope through his personal journey and relationship with our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

Truly, this book was written for the lost, for the hopeless, for those who fear its too late for their redemption and success. This book says to the lost that “GOD KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE,” and to the hopeless that “YOUR HOPE IS IN THE WILL OF THEIR HEAVENLY FATHER.”

God will lead you to success if only you trust him and the process of his faith.

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